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Cajun Swamp Zombie Dolls connect to Louisiana's zombie and voodoo legends and history. The Short Story Cards that accompany them are written to appeal to all social groups and teach life lessons through choice and consequence. These short stories are entertaining, thought provoking and address many current difficult to discuss controversial social issues through humor and emotion.

Cajun Swamp Zombie Dolls are very unique and are great proactive teaching tools for nonprofit organizations who work to encourage people to focus on solutions to particular social problems.

No two Zombie dolls are identical. The are handmade and each is uniquely different. Zombie dolls are approximately 12 inches tall and approximately 6 inches wide. Their approximate weight is 7 ounces. They are made of cotton and polyester vintage and new fabrics and stuffed with polyester stuffing. Their faces are painted with nontoxic acrylic paint. Dolls are completely and proudly made in the USA!
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You can choose a face and team colors for your custom "Team Spirits". "Team Spirits" are unique Spirit Sticks custom made in your team colors. They are handmade with one-of-a-kind painted faces and soft stuffed bodies. A convenient wooden dowel handle makes it easy to show your school spirit by proudly waving your team's colors. Each Team Spirit Stick measures approximately 12 inches in length making the Team Spirit approximately 15 inches in total height. They are priced at $19.98 each with an additional $5.00 shipping and handling. Custom orders are accepted.
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Cajun Doll "Evangeline"

A Handcrafted Original design constructed of New and Vintage Cotton and Polyester blend Fabrics.

Evangeline spent her life searching for her lost love, only to find him at the end of his life where he dies in her arms.

Longfellow's poem "Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie" published in 1847 had a powerful effect in defining Acadian History.